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Verona resort hotel in Jermuk

Jermuk “Verona” resort operates since 2005 gradually developing the content of services and improving their qualities.
The resort is situated on one of the most graceful and peaceful places, in the shore of the lake, which is just in the centre of the city, and simultaneously is far from the city noise. You can see beautiful scenery of the lake through the hotel windows. You can find there beautiful water animals, geese, swans.
We can confidently approve that “Verona” rest house placement and position is the best one in Jermuk. Next to the hotel is the lake which completes the environment with its floating café, which is like a city visit card. Only a few minutes you need to reach to the water gallery or to the city park. Both Armenians and foreigners have rest in Jermuk “Verona”. “Verona” rest house has ideal conditions for any type of recreation. Single men, couples, families can have enjoyable and meaningful recreation.
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