Tour 4

Jermuk - Zorac Qarer(Karahunj) - Devil's bridge - Monastery of Tatev

120 km
Tour price: 27000 dram 

Zorats Karer (Karahunj)
One of the most ancient megalithic constructions of the world is Zorats Karer (Syunik district) not reaching up to Sisian. From the line on a burnt plain row of huge red-brown monoliths are visible. The two-meter pointed blocks last precisely from the south to the north, fencing large territory, in the center they form a correct circle. It is proved, that Zorats Karer is an observatory built in VI mil. B.C. Scientists have found similar constructions in many areas of Europe. The most known of them is the Stonehenge (II mil. B.C.). 

Devil's bridge
The deepest part of the Vorotan gorge is between Tatev and Arzhis (700-800 m). Here, the gorge is so narrow that even the sunrays do not reach the bottom of it. The "Devil’s Bridge", the most beautiful and the most amazing natural miracle of Vorotan gorge is in one of the deepest parts of it. This natural bridge is 30 m long and 50-60 m wide and it is a short, yet significant party of the road from Goris to Tatev. The mineral water that spills of from sources inside rocks, has painted the walls of Vorotan gorge with rose and yellow colors. During many ages the lime from healing travertine springs, was thrown from one wall to the other, creating a great rocky arch over a furious river. From the sides of the bridge are hanging charming stalactites and from the rocky slopes are dribbling cascades. In some parts where there, are hot springs, natural bathes have occurred by the nature’s grace and they can be used for medical purposes. The area underneath the bridge resembles a huge stalactite cave 

Tatev monastery
Tatev monastery is situated near the village of the same name in part of Zangezur - ancient Syunik (now Syunik district). The monastery was founded in the ninth century in place of a tabernacle well-known in ancient times. The strategically advantageous location on a cape formed by a deep river gorge with precipitous rocky slopes favored the construction of a mighty defense complex there. At one time Tatev was the political center of Syunik principality. In the 10th century it had a population of 1000 and controlled numerous villages. In the 13th century it owned 680 villages. The main church of Poghos and Petros (Peter and Paul) built in 895-906. The outward appearance of the temple is severe and laconic. Its harmonious proportions add to the impression of its considerable height. Special attention was paid to the interior decoration of the church which was the main cathedral of Syunik principality. In 930 the walls of the church were decorated with frescoes, now almost totally lost. In the main apse there was a representation of Christ sitting on a throne and surrounded with three prophets and four saints. The western wall was taken up by an enormous fresco showing the Doomsday, and northern wall, be scenes of Nativity.