Tour 5

Jermuk - Gndevank - Kechut reservior – Fish plant

28 km
Tour price: 15000 dram

Gndevank This is an ideal place for visit in the south Armenia on way to Jermuk. Gndevank is found on lion declivity gorges yard Arpa, in approach villages Gndevaz. In X century princess of Syunik Sofiya has founded the priory for wanderers of the gorge. The Head was nominated priest Sarkis, but leader construction was an artist Egishe. The Priory is named by wanderer’s name Supana Gnduni. The Church of st. Stepanos was built in 931-936. The Building faced smooth covering by basalt, has cross-vaulting construction. Egishe has decorated the internal part of church with fresco, from which, on wall of the altar, hold out the piece of the picture of Jesus Christ. Symbols of four evangelists are portrayed inwardly on dome. The Princess Sofiya has solemnly celebrated the completion of the construction and on west wall of church has left the inscription. "Vayoc Dzor was a ring without stone, has built this and as jewel has placed on it". In 999, the abbot Hristofor has built west vestibule of church. Along north wall of vestibule are located two square-wave kerooms. The West room was shown by library. In 1008 for irrigation of the lands belonging to monastery was built channel 22km in. In 1604 persian shah Abbas has destroyed Gndevank. In 1691 abbot Petros archimandrite restore the church and has surrounded the monastery by wall escalated tower. To wall were built on dwelling and economic rooms. Much more likely, exactly in this period and was executed fresco with picture of Virgin Mary on wall of the north vestry. This is one of the masterpiece armenian graphic arts late muddle ages.

Kechut reservoir
Kechut reservoir is located in Vayots Dzor at 10 km to the town of Jermuk, built in 1981, the total volume is 23 million cubic meters. In the south-east of Vayots Dzor in the construction of reservoirs Kechut were flooded medieval cemetery and cross stones. Nature of Vayots Dzor Princess Sophia wife of Prince Smbat - called Seal-ring without emerald (befor building temple Gndevank in 936). There are no doubts about the need for construction of the reservoir Kechut. Near the village of Kechut on the river Arpa was created the largest reservoir in the picturesque surroundings of mountains and forests. A unique complex of the Arpa-Sevan rescued a blue pearl in Armenia from exhaustion. Turbulent waters of the Arpa River were sent to Lake Sevan, to maintain its level at the highest possible mark. But the fact is that Kechut reservoir was constructed in a broad valley surrounded by vertical walls of the gorge where ancient and medieval cemetery with remarkable khachkars were.

The fish plant lie in canyon of Arpa river, 30 km from Jermuk. In farming breed red-finned and coast rainbow trout. Fish from Arpa river basin is worth by its gustatory quality and much favour among gourmets.It is possible to taste fresh fish.